Mouks (Markus Geisler)

“I enjoyed the work in the lab the most. What still makes me really proud is that we have the chance here as students at HLFS to really get an idea of what life in genetic engineering is like and to have the opportunity to use machines and technology that most students can only dream about. For that, I want to say a big “thank you” to our project leaders “Pilot” Dr. Steiner and Dr. Oberkofler who always make sure that we have the best equipment possible.”

Mascht (Martin Osterauer)

“This project perfectly combined the theoretical side with the practical side.”

Pilz (Georg Pilz)

“For me, pouring the liquid nitrogen over the bees was really something--a sight to behold all on its own.”

Bambi (Maximilian Bamberger)

“I liked the project a lot. I like the lab work the best. I also think it is good that you learn to work as a team.”

The excitement was written
all over his face.

Raxi (Markus Raxendorfer)

“Besides the fact that I enjoyed the topic and found it very useful, I think it’s great that we were the first Austrians to develop a test for APV. It is always a highlight for us students that we are able to accomplish things like that. The project was also really well planned. We also had a really great group and two cool teachers, which adds to the fun and also makes for a successful project. The work is a lot of fun, even if it sometimes means doing something as simple as squishing bees. It is always interesting to hear the presentations by the experts in the area. I am sure that we will go far with this project. Fact is, if given the opportunity, I would certainly like to participate in the next project.”

Toni (Anton Trockenbacher)

“The project interested me from the very beginning since I have bees at home myself. I was also able to examine my own bees, which was really interesting for me. I think the project was definitely worth it and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.”

Lolly (Christina Löcker)

“’The lively bees’ is my second genetic engineering project here at Ursprung. In the second year here at school, you have to study a lot of theory, but the projects that come later are awesome! Even if we do have to pull the occasional all-nighter to make sure we get everything done. Even though it always takes a little time, the project always make for a strong, united team made up of students from all different grades. The bee project this year was actually my favorite of all the suggestions from the very beginning. The lab work this year was especially fun. The most fascinating for me was “squishing” the bees with the liquid nitrogen! Above all, the situation concerns everyone, not just beekeepers. Unfortunately, I am sure that CCD will appear here in Central Europe in the not-too-distant future. Personally, I was really happy to see that we didn’t have any cases of IAPV in our samples and that our test really worked.”

Totally awesome!

Pilot (Konrad Steiner)

“Those last few days fighting late into the night in order to get the report finished really got me motivated. Time was ticking and everybody on the team saw the importance of helping out and really put their strength into it to the point of exhaustion. Even students from previous projects or students who have already graduated jumped in to lend a helping hand and help relieve some of the stress. It makes me feel good and motivates me immensely when the team members attack problems on their own and take the initiative to look for solutions themselves, make goals for themselves, don’t always ask me about every little thing or whether the project leader is going to like it, etc. The team decides. The willingness to work and the dedication to the project were infectious. Achieving more by working together, come hell or high water! The time and effort was worth it and shows the importance of elective courses and projects at Ursprung.”

Hexe (Sarah Gallob)

“Besides the really important, once in a lifetime experiences that you get with any of the projects here at Ursprung, the coolest thing about them to me is the way everybody grows together as a team. On projects like this, students from all different grades work together. The community is strengthened and you learn to work together as a team! This overrides all the other great things you learn during a project like this because the most important thing in life is and always will be friends!”

Discovering new things together.

Siggi (Sieglinde Neudorfer)

I am pretty sure that there aren’t too many schools where you have the possibility to see your ideas come to life like you do here at Ursprung. Without our motivated teachers, such projects like the ones we do here wouldn’t be possible. Thank you! With this year’s project, “Lively Bees – Nasty Disease,” the work with the liquid nitrogen fascinated me the most.” At first glance, you think it’s water, but then the liquid reveals itself as something completely different…just cool!”

AnnA (Anna Schneeweiss)

“Personally, I like the whole topic, and it interests me, what the whole CCD thing is all about and what it can do. I also think it is cool that we get to participate in such interesting projects here at our school. The lab work is still my favorite thing of all, it really suits me, and Dr. Oberkofler is the nicest lab teacher ever.”

Fuchsi (Christina Fuchs)

“The project is very important, in my opinion. Of course we’re “just” a school, but I think it’s good that someone is concerned with this topic and maybe we can help save the bees. Working as a team is a lot of fun. Of course, there are stressful minutes, hours, days, but you really get to know the members of your team better and it’s a lot of fun.”

Science brings people together.

Jule (Julian Hauser)

“From the very beginning, I was really excited about the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology elective course and the theoretical part of it in the second year and also the project this year about bees and viruses. The theory part in the second year is essential to understanding the things and equipment in the lab and I can say from my practical training that is proves helpful outside of the school as well! The project is really cool. I think everybody on our team learned to work on their own, to make decisions, and to do business as it relates to finding sponsors, to write texts, to work in the scientific sector, lab routine… I discovered through the project that I have a love for photography and graphic design, along with the interesting lab work. I also think it is important to expand your horizons in any way you can! The project was a lot of fun for me.”

Ebo (Edith Oberkofler)

“The project really releases a lot of emotions in me. First of all, a flashback to my research time at the university…99% of the work mostly without any pay at all, nights spent working and not getting anywhere, always a glimmer of hope, “it could work this time”, a fresh surge of motivation and then…usually right before the scientific breakthrough…the daily research through literature…the shock…that can’t be…my results…fresh off the press and published by another work group…summed up: a lot of work, a lot of frustration, a lot of adrenaline…

But also: excitement, …, “thrill” describes it best! And that is exactly what fascinates me…to feel this thrill and this motivation among all of you…most people who do this job have unfortunately lost that along the way…and it does me good, to be reminded of my youth through all of you…I admit that your impatience stressed me out sometimes, but even then, and actually because of that, I really came to appreciate your dedication! I find your excitement and your staying power fascinating! To successful future projects!”

Rambo (Melanie Ramböck)

“I’m really fascinated by this topic! I also think it’s great that everyone continues to grow as a team. The work in the lab and the theory went well together. You really learn a lot, also for later on in life, and everything was really well planned and organized. I liked the project a lot!”

In front of the camera, please, little bee!

Hamsti (Lisa Glawitsch)

“Sleepless in Ursprung.”

Luggi (Lukas Eberharter)

“Five years at Ursprung and the fourth project I was allowed to take part in. All of them were great and can’t be compared, but this one stands out above all the rest. Not only because of the original, innovative, and—above all else—extremely current project idea, but also because of the super team. From the beginning to the end, the whole team stood together one way or another, even when things didn’t always work out right the first time. The attitude of the team really motivated me and spurred everyone to new heights. This project was no doubt a highlight of my school career.”

Flo (Florian Wacha)

“I really liked searching for and reading through all the information we found, mostly written in English, as well as other things. Although at times, it seemed like a never-ending story, since the texts didn’t seem to be getting any shorter, it was really interesting to see how the “big” scientists publish their results.”

Sonny (Christoph Sonnleitner)

“In my opinion, our project was a real success, aside form the win at the Junior Competition or similar contests. Working together as a group really raised our team spirit to new heights. As was the case every now and then, stressful situations made us work together well as a team. In any case, the result was great any way you look at it. Besides the important work I learned in the lab, I also learned a lot about the design/photo side of things. All in all…really great project!”

Veri (Verena Thoma)

“You not only learn how to get results, but also how important it is to document everything exactly and to prepare everything. Writing the report is often more difficult than the lab work itself!”

Stocka (Martin Stocker)

“I liked the project from the very beginning. Getting to work with the other students was really cool and we will certainly be able to profit from the experience. As for the report writing, which can really be cause for stressful situations, our great team stood the test! I really liked that we developed something unique to the time, namely our test. That is really innovative in my opinion! I’m pretty sure that this project was the best one in my time here at Ursprung. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!”