On 3. 20. 3009 we were invited to a dinner with the topic "Steamed, Delicious, and Healthy" with the firm Miele. Curiously, we made our way to the Miele headquarters in Wale. Our dinner we were told would be a carrot-apple-ginger soup, pepper noodles, pork with herbs and sauce, and chocolate souffle.

We started with a short lecture on nutrition with special attention made to the Miele Steamer and its uses and functions. We learned that when cooked for too long many foods lose their water soluble nutrients. At the end of the lecture we were shown

pictures of delicious meals, which can be prepared by steaming. At the sight of these photos all of our mouths began to water and we could hardly wait any longer for our meal.

We had to wait a little longer though, as we had to tour the Miele Plant, through the childcare, fitness room, and Miele gallery with all the latest appliances.
Then we finally got to the kitchen and in two groups we began to use the equipment to prepare our delicious meal, while we snacked on lemon-ginger bread.

At last the table was set and we started with the soup from Bianca and Tina, at first the taste was a little new to us, apple-ginger-carrot, but we found it delicious. Toni even claimed it was his favorite soup ever. This course was then followed by the pepper noodles from Katja and Julie, also prepared in the steamer.

The Pork cutlets with carrots and herbs was our main course, Bambi and Flo were the bosses of the kitchen for this course and we all awaited to see what the boys would bring. It was great. Last Hamsti and Hanna brought out the chocolate souffle with coffee and raspberry sauce.

. It was perfectly prepared but there was none left over for seconds. We cleared the table and kitchen. Since, the Steamers can also make jam, Miele gave us each samples of strawberry and rhubarb jam along with a chefs apron to remember our visit by.